Spirits of the Mountain

So I’ve been meaning to put this post up for a while now. I’ve been Michael McDonald’n as I Keep Forget’n... Anyways, my great bud Jeremy Brautman from Jeremyriad.com brought a print of mine to Bigfoot’s show a few months back titled, Spirits of the Mountain, where debuted his cool new Fujisan figures. We gave him a copy to keep and he signed copies for me and Jeremy. So very, very cool.

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The Hair, It Talks To Me...

So here’s a lil’ treat for ya’s... This is what I would call a B-side photo of a Bigfoot photo I recently took. You’ll have to wait a while for the Bigfoot image but I thought you might enjoy this. It’s kind of hard to see but he’s selecting a hair cut from a book. It’s titled, “Number 49... Wonderful Choice.” If you look real close you can see them holding scissors.

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