Put It In A Box... They'll Love it!

Here’s a gem I’ve had buried for a bit... SNL Digital Short fans this one’s for you ;) Happy Father’s Day!

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Pop Worlds Collide, History Made

Two great minds pop alike. Recently I featured another artist’s work in my piece, MOMA, Dada, Gaga? (seen below). That artist’s name is none other than Troy Gua, a pop god making his mark the art world by doubling up numerous pop icons in his Pop Hybrids series, and by creating “portraits at the speed of technology” in his Colorbandz series. He has even taken his craft into a world much like my own by creating his own little Prince toy figure that he has created tons of props and signature clothing for that he then photographed in his Le Petit Prince series. When reaching out to get Troy’s blessing to feature his The Burt and Ernie piece, I found a kindred spirit that I instantly bonded with! Lookout world!


Above you can see a crazy hybrid photo I made by fusing both of our self portraits, and below that his Portrait of Ernie and Burt as Colorbandz™.
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