One thing leads to another...


Resin toy designer and illustrator, Joseph Harmon, is one of my favorite artists you need to get into. I’ll forgive him for living in Indiana, a state which has been behind some of the worst driving experiences of my life. Which leads me to wonder how much an artists locale has an impact on their art. And one could argue Joseph’s trippy and intensely humorous characters are a subconcious reaction to said traffic and the state’s insane, unbridled love for truck driving.


Over a year ago I saw an article featuring Joseph’s figure Lydia, the cyclops plant with squid-like tentecles, and I knew it would be a perfect fit for my ‘Gateway’ series featuring plants transformed by the effects of drugs. Joseph was totally open right up front and offered to custom paint the figure to the color scheme I had in mind. All this may seem pretty simple but this kind of friendliness is a rare thing amongst the artists in the toy world.


Later on Joseph reached out to me to photograph the Lydia toy that he had made for me for a book that is coming out at the end of February featuring Joesph’s work and a whole slew of well known toy designers titled, We Are Indie Toys, by Louis Bou. Enjoy Joseph’s art look for another posting once the book is released.


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100 Problems

In honor of Black History month I’ve finished up this new farce. It’s my play on Jay Z’s, 99 Problems. This dude’s lady is definitely his 100th problem!

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Swingers On A Train

If Hitchcock and Jim Henson and Charles Schulz were alive today, I’m sure I’d be getting a letter! I kinda couldn’t resist it. Kermit just kills it for me. This is a b-side of a black and white photo I took entitled Strangers On A Train.

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A bit simple, but this is the first funny toy photo I took back in 2007. This was before I even owned a vinyl art toy. I have a part two photo for this planned where Optimus and the cyber woman in the photo are standing over three half robot, half human babies. Optimus stands there denying they’re his.

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The Hair, It Talks To Me...

So here’s a lil’ treat for ya’s... This is what I would call a B-side photo of a Bigfoot photo I recently took. You’ll have to wait a while for the Bigfoot image but I thought you might enjoy this. It’s kind of hard to see but he’s selecting a hair cut from a book. It’s titled, “Number 49... Wonderful Choice.” If you look real close you can see them holding scissors.

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