You Got Sanbarnied

Don’t ask me how or why, just smirk and laugh. I know it’s gross, and a little too far over the line for even me. Somewhere, somehow after the big Sandusky scandal made news I must have saw a Barney toy and though how much he looked like Sandusky and the rest as they say, on an old Conan sketch, was “IIIIIIINNNAAAPRRROPRIATE!!!”

And then after I watched a friend of mine get some roman candle fire balls shot down his back this past fourth, I shouted, “you got Sanduskied” to which everyone laughed and repeated and then laughed some more, and I thought silently inside my largely unformed and immature brain cavern, that’s what I’m gonna call my photo. And once I found that little kid with the dinosaur shirt it was game on!

So here you go. This one is gonna hide out here on blog in hopes in doesn’t get me fired from day job, lol.
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